Grooming Salon

Safety is our #1 priority!

Bringing your dog to Diamond Cut Dog Grooming is like taking your child to a reputable day care center.

We place high emphasis on SAFETY and can assure you that your forever friend will receive the best of care!

Dogs are restrained properly with the Helping Hand Sling and never from the neck. Your dog is given water throughout the entire visit and has access to a dog door to come and go as they please in our enclosed, outdoor area. We cater to large breeds and geriatric dogs by grooming them on tables close to the floor for safety.


  • For the ultimate safety of your pet we never restrain dogs from the neck.
  • We always use the Helping Hand Sling
  • All dogs are hand dried. NEVER crate dried.
  • We care just as much for your pets as you do.

Call us at 330-239-1471 for a personal tour of our grooming shop.

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