Please take a minutre to see what our students and clients have to say about us.

Rose W.

I would just like to say that I have enjoyed my time as a student at Diamond Cut Dog Grooming. It has been great working with the other student groomers, and also having the opportunity to have an amazing teacher like Nancy. I have to say she sure knows her stuff! Most of all I would like to thank both Nancy and Doug McClain, I am so grateful to have met such wonderful, inspiring people. They have put the strength in me to believe in myself when it comes to grooming. I can’t thank them enough. I am positive they have made me a successful groomer! I recommend Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School to everyone!

Jessica P.

I loved the experience I received by attending Diamond Cut. Nancy and Doug are great people, and amazing teachers! From fine tuning my scissor skills, to learning how to properly brush and bathe a dog, I learned it all. I also learned how to run my own business and set up a mobile grooming van if I wanted to. I couldn’t be more please with my experience. This is definitely the school to come to! I can’t wait to start grooming, especially since I know my grooming skills are on point. I am so grateful to Nancy and Doug for teaching me everything I now know. Thank you both so much for everything you have given me!

Barbara B.

I have continued to be a client of Diamond Cut Dog Grooming for 15+ years now. Their service and the special way they treat my dog keeps me coming back. Wahoo is so comfortable there. I am amazed at how the animals get along. It’s like Nancy is a “Dog Whisperer”. Today I watched her with a very frightened dog. She was able to comfortably groom the dog, after she took her time to gain the dogs trust and respect. Seeing the before and after while dropping off and picking up my dog was amazing. Because this is a school, my dog is groomed by a supervised student. It is always a pleasure to deal with Ms. Nancy and her students!

Amarilis D.

When looking at dog grooming schools, one of the first ones I noticed was Diamond Cut. The reviews were excellent, and upon looking at the website, I knew that this is where I wanted to learn. When I came to visit for the first time, both Doug and Nancy were very kind and understanding, allowing me to get hands on knowledge before the class started. This has proven invaluablew to me, as it allowed me to not only decide that this is a field I would like to pursue, but that these people were knowledgeable, understanding, and truly enjoy teaching others how to groom dogs to their full potential. Over the few weeks I have spent with them, I have learned much about not just dogs, how to make them beautiful both inside and out, but how to take care of them, nutrition, behavior, and so much more. I fully recommend anyone who is serious to look into this school. They will make sure you are prepared for the world beyond, equipping you with the business smarts, common sense, and knowledge you will need to become a successful, valued, quality groomer.

Christina A.

My recent experience of study at Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School has been a positive one. I have learned how to groom dogs of various breeds first hand. The teachers are always there to give advice and instruction on the best way to groom and handle the dogs. They will teach you how to keep the dogs and yourself safe during the grooming process. Dog grooming is harder than most people think, but it also a very rewarding job to have, knowing that you are trusted with a big part of someone’s life. After completing my course of study I feel I am ready to pursue my career as a dog grooming.

Dawn B.

Upon deciding to pursue a career as a groomer, the search was on to find a school that would offer instruction in a professional environment with the opportunity for hands on. Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School was definetly the right choice! The knowlege and experience of the instuctor assures that you are given the opportunity to become successful! From safety to technique, handlling difficult dogs,cleanliness, proper use of tools and equipment,to starting a business, and so much more is covered! The peace of mind you have knowing that they will be there for you even after completion, is pricelss. It shows dedication, and professionalism seldom seen.Thanks Nancy and Doug! I have enjoyed this experience and look forward to my new career!

Nancy V.

This school is excellent in giving you hands-on experience. The instructor has taught me not only how to groom but first and foremost she has shown me how careful you have to be in grooming to avoid hurting a dog. Flexibility in scheduling my hours for school was a plus for me. The instructor’s love for grooming and her love for the dogs makes her what she is – a professional groomer and an excellent teacher! I can now move forward with the confidence I need to start my own grooming shop.

Tina D.

I recently graduated from Diamond Cut Dog Grooming…OMG, the best decision I have made. I feel confident and inspired to go out and start my on Dog Grooming Business. Nancy has changed my life. She is so patient and so understanding to your needs !! She puts her students and the animals FIRST !!! Nancy and Doug are the greatest !! I highly recommend this school to anyone out there, that is looking to change their life or career !! Believe me it will change your life to the better !! Thank you Nancy and Doug for changing my life, I feel like this is the First Day Of The Rest Of My Life.. I know I will go on in life to do better things for people and dogs !! GOD BLESS YA’LL !!!!

Renee E.

I am happy to say the experience at Diamond Cut was the most valuable experience I could have hoped for. They are willing to be flexible with an adult who is raising a family and still working another job in order to provide me with a well rounded cutting edge education on dog grooming to then launch my new career. They are excellent teachers about grooming and dog behavior and also teach about the industry and running a business. I feel proud and accomplished to have my professional certificate from Nancy and Doug and now have the confidence I need to match my excitement to open my new groom shop. Many thanks to Diamond Cut Dog Grooming!!! 10!

Shauna C.

I recently graduated from Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School as a Certified Professional Groomer and would like to share the reasons I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking to pursue a career as a dog groomer. First of all, the program is perfect for anybody needing a flexible schedule. I was able to earn my certification while working, which made the dream to become a groomer and work with dogs possible to achieve! Secondly, the training you receive from Nancy and Diamond Cut is comprehensive! The program includes expert grooming techniques, must-have tools and techniques, behavioral tendencies and dog training tips, tricks of the trade, direction for running a grooming business, and everything related to safety of the dog as well as the groomer. Most importantly, the school focuses on a hands-on approach, which keeps students engaged and offers real-life experience that, coupled with the knowledge imparted by Nancy and Doug, instilled in me a confidence and quality that will ensure my grooming business is successful!

Marian R.

I attended Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School and got my Dog Grooming Certificate in Januarary of 2014 and I think that is was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my entire life. I highly recomend this school to anyone that wants to get there Dog Grooming Certificate or anyone that wants to get their dog groomed. I feel that this school provides both top quality dog grooming and a top quality education. I learned so much from this school in such a short period of time that it is just amazing. The combination of theoy and hands on experience that Nancy and Doug provide really makes you an educated and safe dog groomer. In this school every student gets an equal education. Nobody is left behind because Nancy and Doug are willing to work with anyone and make sure that you are as safe and as skilled as you possably can be when it comes to dog grooming. The school is always clean and as soon as you walk though the door you start learning. If you want to get a Dog Grooming Certificate or get your dog groomed this really is the place to go.

Jenna G.

I have just recently graduated from Diamond Cut Dog Grooming and I can only say positive things about this school. I had a couple different dog grooming schools I was looking at and had trouble trying to figure out which school to go to. I decided to go to Diamond Cut Dog Grooming because after talking to Nancy for almost a half hour on the phone about her school, I could just tell how much she loved doing this and I could tell how wise she was. I learned everything there is to know about dog grooming and so much more! Nancy made me feel comfortable from the start and for once in my life, I enjoyed learning and going to school. I loved the fact that it was all hands on , I started grooming by myself the second day! Because of this, I can say with complete confidence that I know how to groom every breed of dog and I know that Nancy is always just a call away if I ever need anything! I am so glad that I chose this school.

Betty C.

I have worked as a secretary for twenty-two years, and even though I like my job, something was missing. It was not fulfilling. I began to think more and more about what I would truly enjoy doing. I love working with animals and have always enjoyed grooming my own dogs. I started grooming them myself several years ago because it was so hard to find someone that I could trust with my dogs. So I looked in the Ameritech Yellow Pages under Pet Grooming in Medina. I spoke with Nancy McClain, the owner, and was immediately at ease with her. I met with Nancy the following week and started taking classes. Nancy is an excellent instructor with a lot of patience. She has become a very good friend to me. Every class was a learning experience that I looked forward to each week. And not only did I learn a lot, I had fun doing it. I now have a grooming shop in my home. I have approximately forty customers, mostly from referrals. It is so fulfilling to groom a dog and the owners come to pick their dog up and they’re so proud of him and he is prancing all around because he feels good and he knows that he looks good. It’s a great feeling

Kathy M.

Well Nancy, you have done it again! You have helped< another person accomplish their dream. I have always wanted to work with animals and they have always been a part of my life, but my career involved working with people, not animals. Several years ago I found a test that I had taken in Junior High that tested aptitude for different careers. I scored 95% in animal care but pursued a nursing career instead. (That score was only 60%.) So why should I be surprised that as I approach midlife I am not satisfied with my nursing career and still want to work with animals. I had a big dream that involved opening a business that incorporated grooming, boarding and training of dogs and leaving my nursing career behind. I could see the final product in my mind, but wasn’t sure how to start taking the steps to get there. When I began investigating how to start the journey toward that dream I found Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School. When I started I knew that I loved dogs, but I didn’t know the first thing about dog grooming! I remember wondering if I would ever even be able to get the blades on the clipper without help. But with Nancy’s patience and my persistence, I did learn and have loved every minute of it. Because of my work schedule and some health problems, it has taken almost a year for me to complete the course. As I look back, it is hard to believe all that I have learned. The best part is that my big dream has already started its journey in a small way. Nancy’s husband and son have a construction business and converted my basement bathroom into a grooming shop. Now Paws Home Grooming, Inc. operates part time out of my home and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Nancy for loving dogs, for loving teaching and for caring about helping your students accomplish their dreams. If your dream is as small as learning to groom your own dog, as big as owning your own shop, or anything in between, Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School can help you get there. Enjoy Your Journey!

Skip A.

It has been a fast, knowledge filled, fun year. The travel from Cleveland to Medina was a pleasure. I knew that once at Diamond Cut, the time would be filled with learning and fun. I found the classes to be planned in a pace that allows for development of all of the skills needed in grooming. The planning started the week before with scheduling of the dogs that were to be groomed. Although, some classes had multiple students, direct supervision was given when needed. I came to know some of the dogs on a personal level which allowed me to become familiar with the different personalities of the animals. This knowledge is needed in handling the aggressive dog. I learned the proper use of clippers. Before I knew it, I could cut with either hand! What an accomplishment! Nancy McClain, my instructor, taught this with so much ease that I don’t remember it’s learning. The program also consisted of product familiarity and use. Nancy did this without actually promoting a particular product. At the end of the course I learned to order supplies that will be used in my new career. I had the opportunity to observe Ms. McClain handle the difficult client. This technique will come in handy as I start to work with customers. Thanks, Nancy! I can say that watching Ms. McClain operate was beneficial in many ways. Her teaching skills are so well honed, that they are imparted without any fuss and muss. You learn while you enjoy your time in the shop. It is unfortunate that not everyone is willing to share their knowledge of a skill with others. Nancy McClain is ready to share her skills with all that are ready to learn them.

Janet B.

I became interested in dog grooming one day when I took my own dogs into a little shop called “Lynda’s” to be groomed. I thought it was just so neat. My first thoughts as I walked into her shop were “Wow, so this is how it is done.” I noticed a table with bright lights around it and above it and standing in the middle was a beautiful, large poodle. This poodle looked like something out of Hollywood. Her shop was so cozy and neat and clean. Her cages were full of fluffy groomed dogs, and best of all, her shop was attached to her house. I thought “Boy, this would be the life.” I had been a Dental Assistant for the past 19 years and I was always gone. I never got to see my kids get on or off the school bus, never got to plan a nice meal for dinner, everything was always RUSH, RUSH, RUSH! I had finally found something that struck my interest. I could make money grooming dogs and be at home to care for my family at the same time. I had slowly burnt out on Dental Assisting, doing the same thing over and over and over, day after day after day. One night my husband was reading the Akron Beacon Journal. He said “Hey Jan, you said you were interested in dog grooming. Well, here’s an ad for a school in Medina.” I immediately called the number and a lady named Nancy answered the phone. She made me feel so welcome and I was so-o-o excited about getting started. I was just a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. “What should I wear?” “Will there be 10 other people in my class?” Then the big question everyone worries about when starting a new job or going to a new school… “ Who will I sit by at lunch?” When I arrived at Nancy’s school she met me at the door and introduced me to her whole family and all her animals and made me so relaxed. Little did I know that I would be the only student. I was thrilled to death when she told me that it would be one on one teaching. She took my information and we got started. My lessons were 8 hours long and every time I left I couldn’t wait to go back. I couldn’t wait to learn this new trade and I knew deep down that this is what I really wanted to do. Nancy was very thorough and she praised and complimented me very time I did something. She made me feel very confident and convinced me that I was going to be a very successful , professional dog groomer. Well, many, many, many months went by. I did all my home work, studied my books, took my tests and worked very hard at my new career and made it all the way through dog grooming school. I had a few ups and downs also. There was a time when I got a very stinky, matted, mean, skunked dog. Nancy watched very carefully as I began to work on the dog. She did not say a word, until she saw me ready to pull my hair out after one solid hour of trying to comb out this HEAVILY matted coat. I looked at her almost in tears and said “Nancy, what do I do?” She was testing me, to see which way I was going to go with this. She explained to me that the key to successful grooming is COMMON SENSE. Without this, you will get nowhere! From that moment on I was a changed person. I listened carefully to Nancy’s instructions and I would take it from there. I felt more and more confident with every dog she would throw at me. I knew I was going to groom that dog and what he would look like when he was finished before I even started. It is so true! If you use common sense, you will succeed! People aren’t that picky! If you put a cute little face on that dog and proportion the rest of his body (according to the proper clip for that type of dog) people are going to love it! I learned to always be very friendly to your customers and especially to their dogs, do your very best on the grooming and your can’t go wrong. I have opened up my own dog grooming business and I now have 25 of my very own customers. People seem very pleased when they leave my shop, they always say they will be back, they are spreading the word and referring more and more people to me and this is very rewarding to me. This tells me that I am a good groomer and that I was taught very well. So I must be doing right. My vision is coming true. I now have my own little shop with the bright lights and tables and dogs in the cages and yep! It’s attached to my house. So I can have my little business and watch my family grow at the same time! So don’t give up! Keep pushing yourself through school. And most of all … listen to Nancy! She really does know what she is talking about!!!

Noah K.

When I first spoke with Nancy on the phone I could tell there was something special about her. The first thing she told me to do was to call her list of references. Everyone that I spoke with told me what a wonderful and helpful person she was. I knew than that I had found the school that I wanted to go to. When I first began I had doubts about being a good groomer. But from the moment I started Nancy was telling me what an excellent groomer I would be. Again I didn’t have the confidence in myself. With each day that passed Nancy reassured me with confidence and with each day that passed I noticed that I was asking less questions and feeling more confidant. Now I have so much confidence in myself that I know that I will make a splendid groomer. With all that I have learned the thing that I learned the most was that Nancy is a wonderful person and an excellent teacher. Not only did I leave with a cerification in dog grooming but also I left with a lifelong friend. Nancy was so supportive to me; she gave me the confidence in myself to be the best that I could. If I would have gone to another school I don’t know if I would have gotten that support or the extra help that I needed. There is no doubt that she would do the same for you. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 304-522-4636.

Bet G.

I have the highest praise for the services my dog have received at Diamond Cut Dog Grooming. My West Highland Terriers (“Westies”) are two of my most treasured possessions and I trust them to no other care. My dogs are excited when I tell them they are going to see Nancy. They run to the garage and wait for me to get them into the car. This tells me that they know where they are going and they know that they will be treated with love and kindness and a safe place. I have vistied your establishment several times, sometimes unannouched, and have found nothing but professional excellance. Whether it is you, or Doug, or some of your students I know that my dogs are in good hands. This has not always been the case with other groomers in this area. I have recommended Diamond Cut Dog Grooming to many of my friends for their pets and they tell me that they like the attention to detail and the extra effort to make their pet comfortable, calm and well groomed. I do not write letters of praise very often, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate your good care for Katie and Kristie.

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