About Us.

Meet Nancy

Hello my name is Nancy McClain. I would like to introduce myself and tell you about “Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School”. I have been teaching students from all over the U.S. and Ohio for many,many years. Most of our student’s come to our school by word of mouth through other students . We are very proud that our referrals come from our students that we have taught through these many years. I am state licensed through The Ohio State Board Of Career Colleges and Schools. We have a wonderful school that is equipped with hydraulic tables so the dogs feel very secure when being worked on. We also have a hydraulic bath tub’s, so there is less heavy lifting.We also have 3 bath tubs so there is not waiting who is the next one to bath their dog. We also have 3 pressure washers. We are equipped with all the latest equipment so it will be a pleasure grooming the dog’s and for you. I also want to tell you about my Credentials as a teacher. I have been teaching for over 40 years and also a Master Groomer for many years. I am Certified in First Aid, and for many years have also been able to Certify Students for their Master Groomer Certification. I also have many Certifications in Dog Massage and had my license to Certify Students in Dog Massage. I also attended The State School of Professional Dog Grooming. I have also been a Teacher with the Board of Education for teaching In Home Students for over 2 decade’s. So as you can see I have the ability to be able to teach student from all walks of life. I also want to stress to everyone who wants to become a Professional Dog Groomer to check the school out very cautiously. Ask for references and ask for phone number and be able to talk to real students. Go for an interview and meet with the teacher. Try to talk to students that are enrolled at the time you are being interviewed. Feel comfortable and go with your inner feeling. I would suggest to look at the equipment and check our the dryers and tables and be sure you feel at ease and have a good feeling as to being there.We have a very large area for grooming and that makes for a lot of room. It is a nice idea to be able to pick and choose your equipment, after you have been able to use the equipment before you purchase your equipment. I feel in my opinion we want you to be happy with whatever you pick and you will have this equipment for many years to come. Also everyone has different size fingers and you have to be fitted for scissors so you will scissor properly and they fit you right! So be very careful so you make a decision with what equipment you are going to need and use. I feel you should be able to make that decision later, then end up with a kit you are not happy with. If you take this all into consideration than you will have picked the right school! Thank You so very much Nancy McClain Director and President of Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School.